The Comics Journal No. 269, July 2005

Featuring an editorial by Dirk Deppey; an interview with Moto Hagio.

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Dirk Deppey, “She’s Got Her Own Thing Now” (p. 9)


Michael Dean, “Lee/Marvel Settlement Triggers Marvel Movie Line” (p. 22)
Michael Dean, “A Tale of Two Manga Shops” (p. 27)
Ian Brill, “The Rise of Comics Piracy” (p. 30)
Dirk Deppey, “Scanlation Nation” (p. 33)
Michael Dean, “The Short Life and Times of Reed Graphica” (p. 36)
Michael Dean, “Online Comics Journalism Part 6” (p. 39)
Kristy L. Valenti, “Sakura-Con 2005” (p. 44)
Greg Stump and staff, Journal Datebook (p. 45)


Matt Thorn, “The Moto Hagio Interview” (p. 138)


Johanna Draper Carlson, “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” (p. 54)
Trina Robbins, “Universes in Their Eyes” (p. 60)
John Carnahan, “Monster of a Woman” (p. 64)
Shaenon K. Garrity, “Swan’s Way” (p. 70)
Steven and Jillian Grant, “New Romantics” (p. 74)
Bill Sherman, “‘It’s Amazing How I Keep Running into Members of the Sohma Family!’” (p. 77)
Sean T. Collins, “Velvet Clothesline” (p. 80)
Adam Stephanides, “Happy in the Dark” (p. 82)
Joe McCullough, “The Boys’ Club (revised)” (p. 84)
Rob Vollmar, “Sex in Shallow Waters” (p. 86)
Dirk Deppey, “Young Gentlemen, and How They Get That Way” (p. 88)
Robin Fisher, “Epic Playgrounds” (p. 102)
Bullets, “Tramps Like Us”, “W Juliet”, “Princess Ai”, “Othello” (p. 105)


Ema Nakao, “My Manga Childhood” (p. 108)
Kai-Ming Cha “Filling the Void” (p. 110)
Lea Hernandez, “Draw Like a Girl!” (p. 118)
Kristy L. Valenti, “The Yaoi Invasion” (p. 121)
Zuniga “Kind of Blue” (p. 126)
Matt Thorn, “The Magnificent Forty-Niners” (p. 130)
Rob Vollmar, “X+X” (p. 134)


Kenneth Smith, Time Out of Joint: “The Crypto Revolution Part VI” (p. 201)


Moto Hagio “Hanshin,” (p. 185)

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