The Comics Journal No. 257, December 2003

Featuring interviews with Rick Griffin and Joe Casey; reviews of Clumsy, Narcissa, Naked Brian #1-3, and more.

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Newswatch (p. 5)

The Rick Griffin Interviews (p. 56)
The Joe Casey Interview (p. 89)

John E. Williams, “Hack U.” (p. 54)

Tom Spurgeon, “Clumsy” (p. 27)
Ng Suat Tong, “Narcissa” (p. 29)
Tom Spurgeon, “Pulpatoon Pilgramage” (p. 30)
Adam Sephanides, “Top Shelf: Asks the Big Questions” (p. 32)
Tom Crippen, “Doofus Omnibus” (p.  34)
Darcy Sullivan, “Naked Brain #1-3” (p. 36)
Bullet Reviews (p. 38)

Minimalism (p. 42)
Meet the Comics Press (p. 46)
Speaking in Tongues (p. 50)

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2 Responses to The Comics Journal No. 257, December 2003

  1. Beaver,bob says:

    How can I get a back issue of 12/03. Griffin was a fellow surf club member, we’d like to put the issue in the club archives. Cowabunga! Beaver.

  2. Beaver,bob says:

    Can I buy a print copy of your dec/03 issue, Rick griffin was a member of our surfing club, we would like a copy for our club archives. BBeav

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