The Comics Journal No. 252, May 2003

Featuring interviews with Ron Rege, Jr. and John Romita, Sr.

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Newswatch (p. 3)

The Ron Rege Jr. Interview (p. 59)
The John Romita Sr. Interview (p. 76)

Gregory Cwiklik, “Middleweight Funnies” (p. 27)
Rich Kreiner, “Unsecret Origins” (p. 28)
Christopher Mautner, “God Hates Flash Animation, Too” (p. 29)
Tim O’Neil, “Frontline Combat” (p. 30)
Christopher Mautner, “Yet Another Herge Article” (p. 31)
Tom Crippen, “A Sl(e)ight of Hand” (p. 32)
Rich Kreiner, “Pursuit of Happiness Successfully Concluded” (p. 34)
Bullet Reviews (p.  38)

Lost in Translation (p. 42)
Funnybook Roulette (p. 47)
Comicopia (p. 50)
Euro-Comics for Beginners (p. 54)
Minimalsm (p. 122)

On the Boards: Sara Varon preview (p. 25)
Euro-Comics Color Gallery (p. 75)

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