The Comics Journal No. 248, November 2002

Featuring interviews with Andi Watson and Steve Rude; Dylan Williams appreciates Jorge Zaffino.

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Newswatch (p. 5)

Blood and Thunder (p. 2)

The Andi Watson Interview (p. 41)
The Steve Rude Interview (p. 58)

Tom Spurgeon, Night of the Creatively Dead (p. 29)
Jeet Heer, Never Trust Any Reminiscence Over 30 (p. 31)
Mark Campos, Manhua! Manhua! (p. 33)
Tom Crippen, Whatever Happened to Joe Matt? (p. 35)
Bullet Reviews (p. 38)

Dylan Williams, Appreciation: Jorge Zaffino (p. 121)

Euro-Comics for Beginners (p. 105)
Comicopia (p. 111)
Beyond the Grid: Fourteen (p. 115)
Meet the Comics Press (p. 118)

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2 Responses to The Comics Journal No. 248, November 2002

  1. Ralphe Ostrander says:

    The recent doc “Rude Dude” is apparently streaming online, in its entirety, for free:

  2. Ralphe Ostrander says:

    Worth watching, but poorly made (like 99.99% of all docs.)

    Highlights were Paul Gulacy’s earing and a 50 year old Mike Allred’s fauxhawk — dude, WTF?

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