The Comics Journal No. 245, August 2002

Featuring interviews with Creig Flessel and Dave Cooper.

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Newswatch (p. 6)

Blood and Thunder (p. 3)

The Creig Flessel Interview (p. 54)
The Dave Cooper Interview (p. 76)

Tom Spurgeon, Far Greater Consideration Than it Deserves (p. 37)
Gregory Cwiklik, Cliff’s Notes, with Illustrations (p. 38)
Paul Gravett, Riot in a Nine-Panel Grid (p. 40)
Darcy Sullivan, Does Spider-Man Belong in a Museum? (p. 42)
Rich Kreiner, Nevermore: The Sequel (p. 44)
Tony Gleeson, Precious Pretension Stretched to Is Limit (p. 47)
David Groenewegen, Not Quite the Worst Asterix Album by (p. 49)
Bullet Reviews (p. 52)

Lost in Translation (p. 107)
Funnybook Roulette (p. 112)
Comicopia (p. 115)
Meet the Comics Press (p. 119)
Minimalism (p. 121)

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