The Castle of Indolence

Today on the site, something I didn't even realize how much I wanted to read before this morning: Joe McCulloch writes about Yuichi Yokoyama in his column this week, as well as his normal roundup of upcoming comics.


Eddie Campbell continues his excellent series of casual posts about romance comics, this time focusing on the men who introduced the category: Simon and Kirby.

Justin Green's blog is something else (as you'd expect from his comics, of course). Here's a post in which he reproduces a drawing done for a friend, ponders shifting public morality using Upton Sinclair's The Jungle as a landmark, and wonders about the future of intimate communication.

Speaking of Green, somehow I missed that last month he started a new site, and is posting comics on a weekly basis.

Tom Spurgeon interviews T. Edward Bak about his recent stay in Russia.

The Guardian runs an obituary for Francisco Solan López.

And oh yeah: this. I don't think there's been a project quite this promising since the publication of Alexandra Ripley's Scarlett.

2 Responses to The Castle of Indolence

  1. Ian Harker says:

    The Watchmen 2 thing is funny to me. It points out the inherent backwardness in the thinking of mainstream comics fans. Like somehow they are able to overlook the fact that 99% of what makes Watchmen a good comic is that it was made by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. It’s like, Peanuts is 99% good because Charles Schulz made it, the other 1% is the coffee mugs.

  2. patrick ford says:

    True, except It’s not 99% it’s 100%.

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