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Evan Dorkin

Milk & Cheese, by Evan Dorkin

Welcome to the inaugural episode of TCJ Talkies, a brand new and biweekly interview podcast.

My first guest is Evan Dorkin, creator of Hectic Planet, Milk & Cheese, Dork!, and Beast of Burden, among many other projects. We have a lengthy chat about his writing process, comics history, his relationship with fans, the state of comic-book stores, and the realities of freelancing.


7 Responses to Evan Dorkin

  1. UlandK says:

    Will this be made available on iTunes?

  2. UlandK says:

    I'm psyched about this, btw.

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  5. Great interview. I don’t feel as stupid about a podcast talk I did recently now.
    But…who the heck is ashamed to say they love MILK & CHEESE? Look, I’ll say it publicly right here under my own name: I loved MILK & CHEESE back then(when I first saw it in GREED magazine, just to totally date me), and I still do. So friggin’ there.

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

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