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The Materiality of Comics

In this first installment of a new column, Kim Jooha explores the materiality of comics by looking at the work of three artists: Warren Craghead, Alexis Beauclair, and Erin Curry. Continue reading


“My Way of Witnessing”: Warren Craghead on Donald Trump

What it’s like to draw the same man, again and again, day after day. Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (4/15/15 – Project-o-rama!)

Comparisons, a review, blurbs, cons, prices, etc. Continue reading


The Top 30 Minicomics of 2011

What it sounds like. Rob Clough picks his thirty favorite minicomics from last year. Continue reading


The Comics Journal No. 205, June 1998

Featuring interviews with Adrian Tomine and Frank Cho; Young cartoonist profiles. Continue reading