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Comics Survey: Words, Part II

Ken Parille digs through 60 years of comics and says things about words. He explores a diverse creative cast, from Bill Griffith, Gabrielle Bell, and Julia Gfrörer to Jerry Siegel, John Byrne, and Grant Morrison — with a brief appearance by Otto Binder. Continue reading


Comics Survey: Word / Art, Part I

In Part I of this two-part survey, Ken Parille reviews twelve comic books and graphic novels, paying attention to the words they use. Continue reading

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Small Press Spotlight

What I find impressive about many of the recently emergent small-press and boutique publishers is their rate of output. Continue reading

Michael DeForge

St. Louis Shuffle

On the road. Continue reading

Santoro and Zettwoch


Life gets in the way sometimes, so it’s story time. Continue reading