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Strictly Business (Flanders’ Last Links)

“I thought we’d get to see forever”, I said, “But forever’s gone away,” Ryan responded. “I don’t know where this road is going is going to lead. All I know is where we’ve been. And what we’ve been through!” Continue reading


Nine Hundred and Ninety-Nine Thou Short of a Mill (This Week’s Links)

Ryan’s got a contest for you–close readers will not only find themselves champions, but will come away informed….about all the comics news! Continue reading


Caught You Looking for the Same Thing (This Week’s Links)

The latest updates in comics news, comics blues, and comics moves: need to know what’s going on with Hollywood Chuck? Ryan has you covered! Continue reading


I Can’t Wear My Hat in Here? (This Week’s Links)

France is dolling out the plaudits, Ryan is doling out the links. February’s comics news is in full swing! Continue reading


Kick Off My Shoes, and Swim Good (This Week’s Links)

Ryan Flanders goes hard into social media this week, with a level of links not often seen outside of an aggregation machine. Get ready for art, friend. Continue reading


Pick a B.C. Date ‘Cause You’re History (This Week’s Links)

Ryan’s 2020 continues to take off like a rocket. Can he link to it all? There’s only one way to find out, friend. Continue reading


Like the Cro-Mags with Chrome Mags (This Week’s Links)

It’s your last installment of Your Friday Flanders of 2019! What comics news, comics blues and comics reviews will make this week’s installment? Time to find out! Continue reading


Nobody’s Muse (This Week’s Links)

Here’s thirty items to peruse on your way to the airport. Which one of them will reveal Ryan’s lust for Friday The 13th related humor? Continue reading