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Joe Sinnott: 1926-2020

The legendary inker, who helped define the look of many of Marvel’s most influential comics, has passed away. Continue reading


Wayne Gibson: 1954 – 2020

Washington based cartoonist and collector Wayne Gibson is remembered by his friend and collaborator. Continue reading


Denny O’Neil: 1939 – 2020

The influential writer and beloved editor passed away, leaving a super-hero industry forever changed behind him. Continue reading


Remembering Richard Sala

Richard Sala’s editor and longtime friend, Fantagraphics Associate Publisher Eric Reynolds looks back at the experience of working with the artist, who passed away unexpectedly last month. Continue reading


Morgan Vogel, 1986-2020

Morgan Vogel, a cartoonist known for her distinctively intelligent work, went missing on April 8th. She was found dead Sunday, May 24th, at age 34. Today, a group of her friends and artistic collaborators reminisce. Continue reading


Martin Pasko: 1954-2020

A look at the recently deceased comics writer, who found his way from the letters column to the creators table. Continue reading


Richard Sala 1955-2020

We look back at the life and work of cartoonist Richard Sala, who passed away at the age of 65. Continue reading


Gene Deitch: 1924-2020

A tribute to the legacy of influential animator and auteur, Gene Deitch, who passed away on April 16th, 2020. Continue reading