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Nate McDonough: Day Five

On his last day, Nate McDonough turns his Cartoonist’s lens onto the Diary process itself–well his courageous eye like what it sees, or will he blink? Continue reading


Nate McDonough: Day Four

You never know what random crap you say is gonna turn up after they put you in the ground: so choose that stuff wisely, hoss! Continue reading


Nate McDonough: Day Three

Clocking in has its own challenges, but otherwise, Nate’s work day turns out quite like most of ’em. But swapping Sons of Anarchy out for Downton Abbey? That’s a choice, pal! Continue reading


Nate McDonough: Day Two

Nate’s morning ramble through the backissue market concludes with an explanation of the difficulties inherent in getting Coors Light to the people. Cartoonist? Meet diary! Continue reading


Nate McDonough: Day One

Nate McDonough opens today’s latest Cartoonist’s Diary with all the varied modes of travel: walking, biking, running, bussing. Also: dogs! Continue reading