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Hollow Press Comes West: A Conversation with Michele Nitri

Floating World’s Jason Levian and Hollow Press’ Michele Nitri talk about their distribution partnership and their shared passion for Mat Brinkman. Continue reading


Two Classic Mat Brinkman Collections Return to the U.S.

After years of difficulty, Mat Brinkman’s influential comics return to the US via a partnership between Italian publisher Hollow Press and US retailer/publisher Floating World Comics. Eric Vilas-Boas has the details Continue reading


The Comics Journal #261, July 2004

News Newswatch (p. 5) Letters Blood and Thunder (p. 3) Interviews Jay Hosler Interview (p. 52) Phoebe Gloeckner (p. 78) Essays Donald Phelps, “Diary of a Teenage Rake” (p. 74) Reviews Ng  Suat Tong, “Gospel’s” (p. 31) Darcy Sullivan, “Meat … Continue reading


The Comics Journal No. 256, October 2003

Featuring interviews with Keiji Nakazawa, MAt Brinkman, Brian Chippendale, and Brian Ralph. Continue reading