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Issue 50

The Comics Journal No. 50, October 1979

Featuring an interview with Chris Claremont; a review by Dwight Decker; a look at the life cycle of comics. Continue reading


The Comics Journal No. 38, Feb. 1978

Featuring an interview with Gil Kane; Bill Sherman on Jack Katz; Dwight Decker on Asterix. Continue reading


The Comics Journal No. 32, January 1977

Featuring essays by Gary Groth and Dwight Decker.


The New Nostalgia Journal No. 27, July 1976

The very first issue — not dramatic, but nevertheless important. Continue reading


The New Nostalgia Journal No. 29, October 1976

Featuring a report on Superman; editorial by Gary Groth.


The Nostalgia Journal No. 31, December 1976

Featuring an interview with Jack Kirby.