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“It’s Just Ridiculous”: A Conversation With George O’Connor

Alex Dueben’s catching up with cartoonists stuck at home, and this week, it’s George O’Connor in the hot seat to talk about gratitude, perspective, and uncertainty. Continue reading


Al Jaffee At 99

Recently retired at the age of 99, Gary Groth catches up with Al Jaffee on his career, his comics, and the things he left behind. Continue reading


“I Was Always My Own Man”: An Interview With Tadeusz Baranowski

In our latest look into the heavyweights of Polish comics, Michal speaks with the influential cartoonist Tadeusz Baranowski. Continue reading


Rationality and Relevance: Dennis O’Neil

This interview was conducted in 1978 and 1980 and released in full form in The Comic Journal #66 (September 1981). Among the many topics they cover, young Gary Groth and Mike Catron ask Denny O’Neil about the potential for the art form – specifically, beyond the mass audience and the superhero genre – and talk about a promising new writer O’Neil is editing, Frank Miller. Continue reading


“We’re Grieving Our Way Of Life”: An Interview With Liz Prince

Alex Dueben checked in with Liz Prince to see how quarantine had upended her plans, the solace she found in a video game, and “social media distancing”. Continue reading


Jim Rugg Interview

Longtime cartoonist (and well-regarded bin diver) Jim Rugg catches up with Ian Thomas about his popular Youtube channel, his recent Kickstarter project, and what he’s talking about when he throws around the word “outlaw”. Continue reading



Nicholas catches up with Nico Rodríguez about how things have been at Fatbottom, the popular Barcelona comic shop in the wake of Spain’s response to the spread of COVID-19. Continue reading


“I Think We’re All Scrambling”: An Interview With Gene Luen Yang

Gene Luen Yang catches Alex up on two of his most recent comics: the sports & teaching memoir, Dragon Hoops and the retro title for DC, Superman Smashes The Klan. Continue reading