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1970 Joe Sinnott Interview

In this 1970 interview, a 15 year old Gary Groth and co. talk to Marvel Comics inker Joe Sinnott about the Comics Code, the ACBA, Kirby, and more. Continue reading


Rationality and Relevance: Dennis O’Neil

This interview was conducted in 1978 and 1980 and released in full form in The Comic Journal #66 (September 1981). Among the many topics they cover, young Gary Groth and Mike Catron ask Denny O’Neil about the potential for the art form – specifically, beyond the mass audience and the superhero genre – and talk about a promising new writer O’Neil is editing, Frank Miller. Continue reading


The New Dynamics: Anarchy in the DM

Twenty-five years ago, DC Comics signed with Diamond Distributors. Eric Reynolds reported on a leaked memo. Continue reading


The Gene Deitch Interview

In this 2008 interview, Gary Groth talks to Terrytoons and UPA animator and Terr’ble Thompson cartoonist Gene Deitch. Continue reading


Irene Vartanoff’s 1980 Marvel Warehouse Inventory List

This is a facsimile edition of Irene Vartanoff’s inventory list, as it was reprinted in The Comics Journal #105 (February 1986). Continue reading


The Comics Journal #305: Excerpt from the Rebecca Kirby and HTML Flowers Conversation

In The Comics Journal #350, Rebecca Kirby and HTML Flowers talk about health care, disability, and illness and how they transfer those themes into their comics work. Continue reading


An Interview With Donald Rooum

In this interview from TCJ #247, political cartoonist Donal Rooum talks to Ken Worcester about anarchy, gag cartooning, and typography. Continue reading


Scott Rosenberg’s Platinum Pipeline to Hollywood

Scott Mitchell Rosenberg is recently back in industry news, regarding his partial ownership of the rights to Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood. In this article from TCJ #265 (January-February 2005), Michael Dean traces Rosenberg’s trajectory through comics industry and Hollywood up to that point. Continue reading