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Maurice Sendak: Tributes

Artists and writers comment on one of their own. Continue reading


Dylan Horrocks: Day Five

The final day. Continue reading


Dylan Horrocks: Day Four

Struggling to write a book review. Continue reading


Dylan Horrocks: Day Three

Horrocks teaches a class, and learns something. Continue reading


Dylan Horrocks: Day Two

A week in the life of Dylan Horrocks continues. Continue reading


Dylan Horrocks: Day One

A week in the life of Dylan Horrocks. Continue reading


Dylan Horrocks

An interview with the creator of Hicksville and The Magic Pen. Continue reading

Issue 243

The Comics Journal No. 243, May 2002

Featuring an interview with Dylan Horrocks; discussion between Chip Kidd, Charles Burns, Kim Deitch, Kaz,Richard McGuire, Art Spiegelman, and Chris Ware of contemporary funnybooks on the Graphic Novel Panel. Continue reading

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