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Dylan Edwards: Day Five

When do you get your complimentary drink? Don’t just guess–there’s a right answer! Dylan Edwards, Diary style! Continue reading


Dylan Edwards: Day Four

Are you ready to get spit on? Because if you’re not, you might be in the wrong room. Dylan has the deets! Continue reading


Dylan Edwards: Day Three

Another day, another Cartoonist’s Diary entry, another opportunity to potentially frustrate the locals with tourist-style mishaps! Continue reading


Dylan Edwards: Day Two

Choreographed heavy metal crowd work: there’s more to translation than merely the spoken word. Dylan Edwards is ready to play catch-up, in today’s Cartoonist’s Diary! Continue reading


Dylan Edwards: Day One

Dylan Edwards is in Japan, and so is heavy metal band Mejibray. Can Dylan make it through the evening, or will drink ticket politics stymie a dream? A new Cartoonist Diary begins! Continue reading


LGBTQ Speculative Fiction: A Creative Roundtable

Blue Delliquanti and Dylan Edwards are both cartoonists working in the field of queer and trans spec fic for kids and teens. In this interview, they talk with Melanie Gillman about the power of LGBTQ spec fic as a genre to challenge existing infrastructures, provide escapes, and create allegorical mirrors for young queer and trans readers. Continue reading