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Danica Novgorodoff: Day Five

Under the bridge. Continue reading


Danica Novgorodoff: Day Four

Teaching kids art. Continue reading


Danica Novgorodoff: Day Three

The allure of a cabin in the woods. Continue reading


Danica Novgorodoff: Day Two

Meeting the neighbors. Continue reading


Danica Novgorodoff: Day One

Moving on from a big project. Continue reading

Issue 300

The Comics Journal No. 300, November 2009

Featuring interviews with Art Spiegelman and Kevin Huizenga, Jean-Christophe Menu and Sammy Harkham, Frank Quitely and Dave Gibbons, and more. Continue reading

Issue 291

The Comics Journal No. 291, July 2008

Featuring interviews with Tim Sale and Josh Simmons. Continue reading