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The Monsters Are Due On Broad Street: Patrick Dean In Georgia

Patrick Dean’s comics work will be showing at the Georgia Museum in Athens throughout the winter. Robert Newsome has the details! Continue reading


More Realistic than the Sane Guys?

In his first example of the “Event” comics, cartoonist and publisher Tom Kaczynski looks at Ted McKeever’s Eddy Current, from 1987. Continue reading


Tom McHenry: Day Five

Getting it together for the office party, facing the Wallace Shawn challenge: it’s been one hell of a week. Continue reading


Tom McHenry: Day Four

Taking on the frustration of others, doing the bare minimum when dinner rolls around. What’s that? “The Libyans betrayed our cause!” Continue reading


Tom McHenry: Day Three

Bikes, giving cats medicine, and drinking in those late night conversations about the functions of emotion: welcome to the TenderDome. Continue reading


Tom McHenry: Day Two

Reading books, watching movies, wishing things could be just a little bit different. Continue reading


Tom McHenry: Day One

A morning routine, drawing rituals, and the work day itself. It’s all coming up McHenry. Continue reading


Event Horizon: 1985-’87 in Comics

The roots of this moment stretch back to late 70’s and early 80’s but it seems to reach apotheosis precisely during this short span. Something happened in comics between 1985 and 1987. Continue reading