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No Oversight Leads to a History of Sexual Misconduct And Bullying at the CBLDF

TCJ follows a trail of harassment, hostility and alcohol as Cheyenne Allot and others speak out against CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein and the Fund struggles to regain the public’s trust. Continue reading


Cheyenne Allot’s Non-Disclosure Agreement With The CBLDF

The full text of Cheyenne Allot’s Non-Disclosure Agreement with the CBLDF. Continue reading


Scandal Involving CBLDF’s Charles Brownstein Leads to Women’s Empowerment Fund

This 2006 article investigates allegations against CBLDF executive director, and explains how they led to the creation of a women’s empowerment fund. Continue reading


“How Do We Cope with Something Like That?”: SPX and the CBLDF Confront Defamation Lawsuit Aimed at The 11

The Small Press Expo and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund speak about the $20,000 fund recently set up to assist the 11 defendants facing a $2.5 million dollar defamation lawsuit. Continue reading


Charles Brownstein’s 2006 Statement

Charles Brownstein’s 2006 statement regarding his actions in Ohio. Continue reading