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Tim Hamilton: Day Three

Can you catch chicken pox as an adult? That’s the question that should haunt today’s installment of Tim’s diary, but the livewire that is Ed should never be far from your mind! Continue reading


Tim Hamilton: Day Two

In today’s blast from the past, Tim recalls the night he went to a party that didn’t bring proper music while the mystery of Ed’s empty pockets deepened! Continue reading


Tim Hamilton: Day One

In the first day of Tim Hamilton’s Cartoonist’s Diary, we travel back in time to meet a man who may or may not be telling the truth. We might even be meeting two of them! Continue reading


Kevin Budnik: Day Six

Kevin closes out his week of Cartoonist’s Diary entries with the classiest of cliffhanger conclusions: unanswered questions! Continue reading


Kevin Budnik: Day Five

There’s a lot to love in today’s installment of Kevin’s Diary (and there’s still one more surprise day to go!), but for our money, the crowd pleasing moment is the very specific instructions that go down during dinner. Get some! Continue reading


Kevin Budnik: Day Three

Today is a simple one for Kevin, who finds some time outside of drawing and frustration to check in on the soundtrack of friendship. Continue reading


Kevin Budnik: Day Two

Kevin packs more into a day than I would into a week, and then you sit straight up in bed, wild-eyed and out of breath. “Holy shit” you say, “And he still found time to draw it, too?” Continue reading


Kevin Budnik: Day One

Kevin Budnik’s Cartoonist Diary begins–and today sees him asking the question of whether he’s said everything one can with this medium. Let’s answer that for him: not yet, Kevin! Keep them coming. Continue reading