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Glynnis Fawkes: Day Two

There’s one surefire antidote for the poison of bureaucratic language, and it’s at hand for us all, every minute of the day. Glynnis Fawkes: Day Two! Continue reading


Ellen Lindner: Day Five

Perfection cannot remain ignored for long, even if it’s just eyebrows we’re talking about. Friday is here, and so is Ellen Lindner! Continue reading


Ellen Lindner: Day Four

In today’s installment, Ellen embraces ritual to soothe her baseball woes, clears a deadline out of the way…and makes a giant life choice involving her hair color. Continue reading


Ellen Lindner: Day Three

Opera, books, listening, Instagram. It couldn’t get more slice of life than it’s getting this Wednesday. A birthday approaches! Continue reading


Ellen Lindner: Day Two

We all have our various ways to kill cubicle time when the work is slow to come. For example: Tea. On a Tuesday? Continue reading


Ellen Lindner: Day One

Ellen faces the withdraw that follows binge-watching, grapples with…what is that, Hale & Hearty? No matter. A new Diary begins! Continue reading


Summer Pierre: Day Four

The only thing worse than the way the government handles a line is the way they handle it when their fancy computers don’t work: Summer’s on the front lines, y’all! Continue reading


Vassilis Gogtzilas: Day Five

It’s called a shaggy dog story, pal. Vassilis Gogtzilas was here all week. Continue reading