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Facing the Werewolf: Tom Spurgeon in Conversation with Brian Ralph & C.F.

The two cartoonists discuss Fort Thunder, process, teaching, and communicating with an audience. Continue reading

Brian Ralph Day 5

Brian Ralph: Day 5

Quest complete. Continue reading

Brian Ralph Day 4

Brian Ralph: Day 4

Our hero goes for a dip. Continue reading

Brian Ralph Day 3

Brian Ralph: Day 3

A lesson in convention etiquete. Continue reading


Brian Ralph: Day 2

Our man settles into “the con.” Continue reading


Seeing the Light

It’s a week later and we’re still covering SDCC. Or starting to. Or something. Continue reading


Brian Ralph: Day 1

The author of the forthcoming Daybreak takes us to San Diego. Continue reading

Issue 256

The Comics Journal No. 256, October 2003

Featuring interviews with Keiji Nakazawa, MAt Brinkman, Brian Chippendale, and Brian Ralph. Continue reading