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The Top 30 Minicomics of 2011

What it sounds like. Rob Clough picks his thirty favorite minicomics from last year. Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (12/7/11 – International Sex Community of Brooklyn)

AAAAAAH! A trip to New York without Japanese comics…?! Well, maybe not… sort of? Continue reading


A Brandon Graham Interview

The King City and Multiple Warheads artist talks about childhood, manga, graffiti, porn, Meathaus, Vertigo, New York city bars, Tokyopop, and surviving cancer. Continue reading


Publishing, Power, and Print Purgatory: Inside the Tokyopop Rights Situation

Tokyopop will not be reverting rights back to their creators of original content, and is in discussion with certain creators regarding contract buyouts, a source told the Comics Journal this week. Continue reading


Contracts, Contacts, Comments

Some history, some baseball, some Brandon. Continue reading


Brandon Graham: Doomsday 4 Dummies

The fourth day in a week of the life of Brandon Graham Continue reading


Brandon Graham: Day 3reeeee

The third day in a week of the life of cartoonist Brandon Graham. Continue reading


Brandon Graham: Day Two: Day Harder!

The second day in a week of the life of Brandon Graham. Continue reading

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