Ta Da

Well, Tim has gone on vacation for a week, so hold on the furniture around here -- traditionally I somehow go off the rails right about now.

Today Caitlin McGurk and John Porcellino discuss I Never Liked You and Summer of Love with Mike Dawson.

And Glenn Head checks in for day four of his diary.


Very sad comics biz news: Bergen Street Comics, my local store and home to TCJ contributors Tucker Stone and Matt Seneca, has announced it is closing. I really enjoyed that store -- everyone did a great job there. Excellent selection, neighborhood-oriented, and very friendly. Everything you could want in a comic book store in 2015, really. My best wishes to everyone there.

Hey, I haven't seen this yet: Mould Map 4 coming soon!

And here now, and hopefully in stores everywhere is The Complete Hairy Who Publications. Go out and get it. I'm extremely proud of it.

2 Responses to Ta Da

  1. Frank Santoro says:

    C’mon, Dan! Lets start a flame war over the weekend before Tim gets back !

  2. Michael Hill says:

    Frank, it’s Kirby’s birthday so here’s some flame war material with TCJ content:

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