Suicide is Painless

You've probably heard tell of how doctors in war zones typically resort to gallows humor, madcap pranks, and hand-built gin stills to cope with the squalor and waste they encounter each day in their jobs. Well, that goes double for those who live and work in today's comic shop, and Tucker Stone, the Trapper John of the Wednesday crowd, brings his column to the Journal to help our readers make the pain go away. And don't worry, detractors, if Tucker gets out of line, we'll replace him with a gentler B.J. Hunnicut type. (To answer the unspoken question: Fiore's Hawkeye, obviously. Major Burns I will leave to the readers' imaginations.)

I can't think of a M*A*S*H character to assign to Charles Hatfield, so I'll drop this painfully strained metaphor now, before things go too far. In any case, he has written a great and thorough review of the first two issues of Prophet, the new Brandon Graham/Simon Roy sf comic that's been getting so much acclaim lately.

Elsewhere, Ben Katchor has a new strip up at Metropolis Magazine. I don't like to link to webcomics too often (where would I stop?) but I'll make an exception in Katchor's case.

Garry Trudeau talks to Double X about the recent controversy revolving around Doonesbury's abortion-related strips.

The CBLDF has announced the withdrawal of all criminal charges against Ryan Matheson in the Canadian manga case that began in 2010.

Daniel Best brings an update on Brett Ewins's health and legal situation, and how any concerned may be able to help.

Tom Spurgeon wants nominations of people in the comics world who deserve more recognition.

And not-exactly-comics: Filmmaker Ralph Bakshi gets interviewed for the 35th anniversary of Wizards.

7 Responses to Suicide is Painless

  1. Kris Diehl says:

    I don’t know whether to offer congratulations or sympathy, to Tucker or TCJ for that matter. Either way, I’ve got my popcorn and won’t miss a minute of it!

  2. patrick ford says:

    Tim, When you say Tucker Stone is bringing his column to TCJ does that mean it is no longer appearing someplace else?

  3. Tim Hodler says:

    Yes, he’s been doing this for years. I’m sure there will still be plenty of new content on his site, though.

  4. Briany Najar says:

    I’ve just been having a look at some of the covers and pin-ups that Brett Ewins did for 2000AD.
    When he got into his stride, his designs were lively, balanced, well organised, dramatic, and fun.

    Regardless of his talent, he should be treated more sensitively. We’re supposed to have moved on from all that Bedlam shit.

  5. Frank Santoro says:

    Can I be Klinger?

  6. Tim Hodler says:

    I thought that went without saying.

  7. steven samuels says:

    Did “Painless” ever show up in the TV show? I kind of doubt it.

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