I'm just kidding, there's nothing special in here. Just some links and stuff.

On the site today:

Tucker Stone reviews Winterworld:

But lets be honest: coloring inside the lines of the post-apocalyptic genre isn’t a field anybody needs help finding average-to-great examples of; you could fake an epileptic seizure in a decently stocked Barnes & Noble and end up with a decent chunk of the stuff just by picking up whatever your flailing hands knocked to the floor.

And elsewhere:

Can I mention again how outrageous and sad it is that Bill Blackbeard didn't make it into the Hall of Fame? Thank you. Seriously. I know, I know, it's just an honorific, but... c'mon.

Thanks to Rob Stolzer, we have a little more information about Slim Jim cartoonist Raymond Crawford Ewer, whose spectacular work was featured in Art Out of Time. These postcards to a friend from the 20 year-old artist are pretty wonderful.

Young Sammy Harkham sent over this link to work by someone I'd never heard of, Tiger Tateishi. Exceptionally surreal manga and paintings.

I'm not sure how I missed this before: A link (NSFW) to the Wrightson-Bode porn classics from Swank magazine. I remember seeing this work in a Wrightson compilation when I was a kid and being deeply confused. The combination of those two art styles becomes this gnarly bubble thing... and I like it. Dig those colors, too. Minor but impressive porn comics itching for a reprint. Now there's a business idea for parent company: "Eros Classics", in which the highest standards are applied to archiving the horniest porn. Wally Wood's complete Gang Bang on sumptuous acid free heavyweight paper. That one's free, boss! A money-loser from me to you.

And finally, a round-up from Sean T. Collins on a quote he posted and its aftermath.


9 Responses to Specials!

  1. I hate to say it but it doesn’t surprise me at all that Bill Blackbeard didn’t make it in. He’s not a “hot” choice, so to speak. The year I was an Eisner judge there was a serious debate over if the second judge’s selection for the HoF would be Joe Orlando or Osamu Tezuka. Don’t get me wrong, Joe Orlando is great, but… over Tezuka? Really?

    (Tezuka finally won, something for which I pushed especially hard to happen.)

    Blackbeard will eventually make it in, but it’ll be as a judges’ selection slot, I suspect. And it’ll take one of the judges pushing hard to do so.

  2. patrick ford says:

    Just another example of why awards, and halls of fame are a gigantic “Who cares” in my opinion.

  3. peter kaprelian says:

    Hmm The Hall of Fame doesn”t seem to be famous enough for me to know about it. That said, and in regards to Bill Blackbeard, how ’bout a Hall of the Should-be-known?

  4. Part of what happened with Blackbeard is that he didn’t get the short list vote before he died. So he was still alive. And part of this award seems to be about celebrating important dead cartoonists. I’m willing to bet that he’ll be on there next year and get more attention. Kind of sad cause it would have been nice (though his death was unclear for months right?). Anyway, the real lesson is to appreciate people while they’re alive.

  5. Chance says:

    The Bode/Wrightson strips were reprinted by Fanta in comic form in the 90’s.

  6. Francis Dawson says:

    Those Tiger Tateshi images are beautiful.

  7. Francis Dawson says:

    I suspect Brandon Graham is a fan of these.

  8. Kim Thompson says:
  9. Kim Thompson says:

    Whoops. Yes, that’s right, a lovely EROS pamphlet collection of all of them for like three bucks. There’s one up on eBay right now for ten bucks, which is pretty reasonable.

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