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7 Responses to Seth: GNBCC

  1. Graham says:

    Maybe I’m missing it, but I find it sort of funny that there’s no Dave Sim on there.

  2. Frank Santoro says:

    Check out DeForge!

  3. Paul Slade says:

    You and me both. Voted off the island again, I guess.

  4. patrick ford says:

    No Dave Sim, no John Byrne. Seems about right, pretty much the same thing.

  5. Frank Santoro says:

    (I just spit out my coffee) chuckle

  6. Jeet Heer says:

    Actually, Dave Sim was invited to join the Great Northern Brotherhood of Canadian Cartoonists but he insisted that all the members sign an affidavit stating that “Dave Sim is not a misogynist.” Since it was impossible to get unanimity on this point (especially from prominent cartoonists like the legendary Yvette Mailloux) Sim is, perhaps regrettably, not a member. The only one who has voted Sim off the island is Sim himself.

  7. DiamondDulius says:

    Actually, I don’t think Sim wanted to join… there are actually a few female members and he was afraid he’d lose his creativity to their “void”…

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