Smart Warming

Today: Bob Levin returns to us with a piece on Yiddishkeit the book and the culture. As usual, you get more than you think and learn more than you know.

And elsewhere, good people:

Pal and Professor at Washington University Douglas Dowd has begun a new publication called Spartan Holiday, which I enjoyed very much. It's a picture story travelogue, elegantly blending drawing, type and image in the finest Pushpin Graphic tradition. This issues finds Doug in China, drawing as he goes. Good stuff and great to see this tradition being revived as a regular thing. Speaking of St. Louis, there's a whole lotta Zettwoch in this photo preview of Dan's upcoming book Birdseye Bristoe. I bet Dan, being a fellow Dan, likes these Gene Ahern comics, too. Nice to see Paul Tumey inaugurate a new blog.

Oh my goodness, there are no women in this comic book store reality show! Can you believe it? I mean, Kevin Smith's movies are so much about understanding between genders! I am shocked! And in more heartwarming news, Alan Moore did what sounds like a cool video chat in support of Harvey Pekar.

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  1. patrick ford says:

    Ahern is great. He’s another cartoonist (like Crane, and Caniff) who was able to walk away from his first creations OUR BOARDING HOUSE/NUT BROTHERS owned by the syndicate, and begin a new strip which he owned at a rival syndicate, ROOM AND BOARD/SQUIRREL CAGE.
    The daily strips are hysterical. Well, they are hysterical to me anyhow, for some reason long-winded blowhards like Ahern’s Major Hoople, and Smith’s Andy Gump really appeal to me.
    I have almost every one of Ahern’s dailies from the late 20’s up until 1960 when he died and ROOM AND BOARD with him. There is a wealth of great strips which will probably never be collected, and many of them could be purchased for peanuts back in the ’80s.

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  3. michael L says:

    RE: No women in Comic Book Men.

    To me the tone of that article didn’t sound “shocked” or incredulous, just grumblingly indignant — which is not an unreasonable reaction is it

  4. Paul Tumey says:

    I did a flip take out of the panel when I saw your great plug for my new blog on SCREWBALL comics and the Gene Ahern strips. Much appreciated!

  5. Carl Linich says:

    I’d love to be able to read all those dailies! I have just a couple of years of R&B dailies myself. I’m currently trying to track down a complete run of “The Squirrel Cage” (comparing notes closely with Paul Tumey). Also looking for any of Ahern’s surviving family, though no leads there. If you have anything to share I’d be grateful.

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