Slow News Day

Welcome back. It's been a relaxing weekend.

On the site Frank Santoro's Color Workbook series is off to a bang-up start. Do your homework!

A few quick links and then we're outta here.

-Contributor Joe McCulloch looks back on his own recent work.

-While we were reclining, Tom Spurgeon brought it! He's got a great interview with Ed Brubaker and his annual, awe-inspiring guide to Comic-Con.

Frank Young finds some more hitherto uncredited John Stanley stories, and elaborates a bit on his search methodology.

And finally, Despot of The Fletcher Hanks Fan Association Paul Karasik wrote in last week with following argument, buttressed by visual evidence:

I am afraid that I must respectfully disagree with Ken Parille's assessment that Chris Ware is the heir to Jack Kirby, whose, "Allegories of creation often involve the rhetoric of sexual reproduction". This torch has been passed to Sammy Harkham.


3 Responses to Slow News Day

  1. Gene Ha says:

    Mr Karasik seriously thinks Kirby was trying to suggest a woman standing on her head, wearing black panties and with her knees pulled up? I’ll definitively say now that subliminals of things upside down that are never seen upside down DO NOT WORK.

    He thinks this featureless erect head, that gets hairier with time, enlarges and has a urethral opening that then spews white hot energy looks like an upside down woman? Paul Karasik’s Freudian Slip needs to be revoked.

  2. Frank Santoro says:

    I dunno, I see my woman standing on her head, wearing black panties and with her knees pulled up all the time. Works for me.

  3. patrick ford says:

    What woman standing on her head? Isn’t that Joe Camel in the Harkham panel?

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