Tucker is here to blow those blues away.


You may have heard that the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival is no more. Tim will have a story shortly.

Let's see...

Looks like Oily Comics is going to publish a Josh Simmons book. That's a coup. An interview with Cecil Castellucci and one-time TCJ Diarist Sara Varon. A Groo review.

And I thought the news from Scott Eder Gallery of "Will Eisner's 'A Contract with God' and Other Images, an exhibition featuring original art, sketches and drawings from the title story" of the book was interesting. For one thing, I can't think of another show devoted to just a single comic book story. And also, I'm curious to see the process work. That is one of Eisner's better visual efforts.

Finally, enjoy your weekend with Stan and Jan Berenstain.

3 Responses to Slides

  1. I can’t think of any single-story comic art shows between art spiegelman’s Maus at MOMA in ’92 and The Bible Illuminated: R. Crumb’s Book of Genesis at the Hamer in Los Angeles 2009-2010 (both also at various other venues since), but I’m sure there must be others!?

  2. Inkstuds says:

    Wasn’t there a gallery show for Ware’s building stories?

  3. Dan Nadel says:

    My statement was wrong in about a hundred ways. Whoops! No more blogging late at night? Anyhow, apologies.

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