It's the end of a long week here in sunny Carroll Gardens. This weekend I plan to go to Frank's comic book sale, where you can tell me which version of TCJ was better than this one, and why. What better way to spend a beautiful Saturday than inside a sweaty inferno of back issues? No kidding!

You know who doesn't kid around? Tucker Stone. He is a serious, intense man. And he has words he'd like you to read now. These words will be about numerous new comics about which the less said the better.

Elsewhere, things are, as Tim mentioned yesterday, quiet.

-Great cartoonists Dan Zettwoch and Kevin Huizenga are making a couple of appearances in support of their excellent new books Birdseye Bristoe and Gloriana. One of them today in Chicago! Go see these guys.

-If you need just a little more Tucker to carry you through the weekend, then check out his podcast with Joe McCulloch and Matt Seneca. I listened to the whole thing! This week it's all about Otomo and Kidd.

I really enjoyed Chip Kidd's Batman: Death by Design. The story was wonderfully structured -- a kind of architectural whodunnit designed like a deco building: Elegant, with a bunch of surprises, some wonderfully strange moments, and loopy personal touches. Naturally it's also an awfully attractive object. Worth tracking down.

-This is a cute comic book store/Ray Bradbury anecdote.

-Evan Dorkin tells us about the time he almost published a Rocketeer story.

That's it. See you at the con!

4 Responses to Serious!

  1. Frank Santoro says:

    Dan, please bring Mr. Fatty Pants.

  2. Dudes and dudettes, don’t forget that this weekend is also CAKE, the first Alt-Comics festival in Chicago in a long time. Amazing guest list:

    Come on down and be part of the action. Yep.

  3. Daniel C. Parmenter says:

    That was indeed a nice Ray Bradbury comics shop anecdote. Of course my own favorite comics shop, The Million Year Picnic in Cambidge MA, is also named after a Bradbury story.

  4. Cole Moore Odell says:

    Given the history of neglected artist attribution around Batman comics involving Chip Kidd, I think it’s disappointing to see this thing referred to here and elsewhere as “Chip Kidd’s Batman: Death by Design.” Dave Taylor drew the book, and had quite a bit to do with making it such an attractive object.

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