Save the Day

Hey, it's Tuesday on this web site and that means Joe McCulloch is here to tell you about the week in comics.

And elsewhere in the world:

-The big news is that actor Shia LaBeouf has allegedly plagiarized a Daniel Clowes comic for a short film. Buzzfeed has the story. This is a weird and sad one.

-The writer about comics Sarah Horrocks has posted a link, with commentary, to her 2013 writing.

-And a couple over at Vice: Molly Crabapple talks to Art Spiegelman and Nick Gazin has a roundup.

4 Responses to Save the Day

  1. mateor says:

    I read about Dan Clowes on an ESPN site and all I could think was Boys we’ve hit the big time.

  2. R. Fiore says:

    Nah, Hollywood will steal from just about anybody.

  3. Jack says:

    Did you see the story update, about how the guy plagiarized his apology for plagiarizing?

  4. mateor says:

    But this time he stole from me personally!

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