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Sammy Harkham on Murder by High Tide by Maurice Tillieux


Sammy Harkham joins me to talk about a book I'd never heard of before, Murder by High Tide, by M. Tillieux, which was translated by Kim Thompson and published by Fantagraphics Books in 2011.





Sammy Harkham is the cartoonist responsible for the excellent comic book Crickets, and the editor of Kramer's Ergot.

Mike Dawson is the author of Troop 142, and Angie Bongiolatti. Follow him on twitter and Tumblr.


4 Responses to Sammy Harkham on Murder by High Tide by Maurice Tillieux

  1. Frank says:

    That comment from Sammy at about 45 minutes about other mediums having one great artist coming in and opening the way for a flood of a hundred other greats is some cock-eyed bullshit and Dawson doesn’t question it.

    1. The example he gives of Ingmar Bergman doing something and then everyone having to wait decades for another work of comparable genius. That’s literally the artistic history of television. You get Scenes From A Marriage and then Fassbinder’s Berlin Alexanderplatz, if you’re being generous The Singing Detective and a decade later maybe (MAYBE) David Lynch with Twin Peaks and then I guess Lars Von Trier makes The Kingdom but it’s all debatable about the quality of any of them compared to the stuff done in cinema

    2. Even then cinema and photography get off lucky compared to other 150 year or less mass cultural mediums. They get an artistic genealogy/tradition going before the information apocalypse occurs and culture in general becomes to diffuse to support focused artistic movements in new mediums with comparably broad influence. Radio faired the worst because it’s history is Orson Welles and then complete fuck all. Computer shit (games, interactive entertainment if you want to be broad) 30 years in hasn’t even had it’s Méliès, let alone any one like Eisenstein or Dreyer.

    3. Just to bring it back to comics, Herge and Tezuka are the other greats who had an entire publishing industries spring up around them. But y’know even in Manga and Eurocomics for those first twenty/thirty years or so it was pretty thin on the ground in terms of outright amazing stuff being produced, and even after it’s still only a small bunch of stuff that comes up out of the huge amounts of white noise, even when that white noise is pretty entertaining or well executed.

  2. Frank says:

    All I’m saying is comparatively Anglo-American comics aren’t doing so bad and at least no worse than most other avenues of creative energy. Things are tough all over.

  3. Frank Santoro says:

    “Stay gold, ponyboy. Things are tough all over.”

  4. King Jade says:

    Dear Talkie Hut
    I love TCJ Talkies, Mike is so personable it’s like your over at his house in the backyard having a BBQ and a beer with friends just talking about comics you never knew you wanted to read, just this week (today) I ordered Freddie and me, Box office Poison, and Habibi. All books I would never have thought about reading if not for Mikes pod casts. I spend about 200$ a month on comics and I am constantly looking for complete collections to binge read so if it is mentioned in the Talkie-hut I at the least look at it and most of the time pick it up. My only complaint is Mike is not doing TCJ Talkies twice A month….

    King Jade

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