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Sam Alden and Sophia Foster-Dimino on Two Comics by GG


Sam Alden and Sophia Foster-Dimino join me to discuss two comics by the cartoonist known only as GG.






Sam Alden is a cartoonist and illustrator living in Los Angeles. He is the author of It Never Happened Again and New Construction, both published by Uncivilized Books. He writes and storyboards for Adventure Time.

Sophia Foster-Dimino is an illustrator & cartoonist living and working in San Francisco. She is the recipient of multiple Ignatz awards for her comics Sphincter and Sex Fantasy, and draws the webcomic Swim Though Fire, written by Annie Mok.

Mike Dawson is a cartoonist whose books include Freddie & Me, Troop 142, and Angie Bongiolatti. Follow him on Twitter and Tumblr.


2 Responses to Sam Alden and Sophia Foster-Dimino on Two Comics by GG

  1. Tristan says:

    If you are looking into sensory deprivation experiences I suggest reserving more than an hour inside. I went to Oakland Floats for the hour massage/hour tank combo, which was nice, but extended time in the tank will allow for a heavier experience if you are up to it. Always knowing I had been inside the tanks for less than an hour made it difficult to lose myself fully in space time. Still a worth wile experience though, I’d do it again. I hear good things about Float Matrix in SF too.

  2. Mike Dawson says:

    I know what you mean. The place I go to is 90 minute floats, though I’m usually running a little late, so I only get 75-80 minutes. That last 20 minutes is usually the best part. I’d like to try something more ambitious one time, like a three hour float just to see if I can do it, and what it feels like.

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