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Ryan Cecil Smith: Day 2

Ryan Cecil Smith is a cartoonist who lives in Nishinomiya, Japan. He self-publishes comics and zines with Closed Caption Comics. His website is

8 Responses to Ryan Cecil Smith: Day 2

  1. Serhend Sirkecioglu says:

    Will these ever be collected into a book?

  2. Serhend Sirkecioglu says:

    the series overall i mean.

  3. Ryan Cecil Smith says:

    I don’t usually draw diary comics, so probably not…

  4. lamar says:

    hey bro :)

  5. Chris Duffy says:

    It’s great!
    What does “Gaitin” mean? (panel 5)

  6. Tim Hodler says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s “gaijin.”

  7. Ryan Cecil says:

    Yes, gaijin, woops

  8. Chris Duffy says:

    Oh, yeah, I see that could be a J!

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