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Using a mystical cartoon white rabbit as a sort of spirit-slash-tour guide — half Virgil, half Harvey — Interiorae depicts the discrete, discreet lives of various residents in an apartment building. Continue reading


Bowman 2016

With its attention to Bowman’s acquisition of objects and its loose, rambling plot, Bowman 2016 has a warts-and-all approach to sci-fi that recalls films like Alien or Silent Running as much as the heady, sophisticated Kubrick classic. Continue reading


Take What You Can Carry

There’s a dearth of serious, literate young adult comics. The comics of Kevin C. Pyle stand out as an exception. Continue reading


Too Much Coffee Man #1 (Facsimile Edition)

It’s clear that Wheeler was still figuring out his approach. Continue reading


Cruisin’ with the Hound: The Life and Times of Fred Toote’

A splendid book, and a startling view of a plebeian world that tends to be submerged by the North American tendency to pretend that class doesn’t exist. Continue reading



Unsurprisingly, Delisle’s reportage in Jerusalem works best when there’s something to report. Continue reading


Troop 142

What makes the book work is Dawson’s remarkable facility for writing dialogue with a painful level of verisimilitude. Continue reading


Best of Enemies: A History of US and Middle East Relations – Part One: 1783-1953

To flip through this volume, which traces the history of the United States’ dealings with the Middle East from its conflicts with Barbary pirates at the turn of the 19th century through the CIA overthrow of Iran in the 1950s, is to encounter a panoply of fantastical figures, whether they’re wearing turbans or tricorner hats. Continue reading