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Julie Birmant and Clément Oubrerie’s PABLO tackles something big: what – and who – turned a young Spanish painter into Picasso? Continue reading


Detrimental Information

Detrimental Information, a collection of works by John Holden and Luke Holden, presents a humorous (and sometimes disturbing) look at young adulthood. Continue reading



The rare experimental work that makes you feel as though you’re there in the lab with its creator, conducting that experiment yourself. Continue reading



Demon feels like Shiga’s imaginary graduate school thesis. Continue reading


Youth is Wasted

A collection of stories featuring Noah Van Sciver’s gritty blend of angsty humor and pathos. Continue reading


Treasure Island

Who is Connor Willumsen? Is he a skilled, naturalistic alt-comix storyteller, or a fuck-up who ruined his story by arbitrarily putting a duck’s boner into Treasure Island’s first chapter? Continue reading


This One Summer

Throughout This One Summer, Jillian’s art is like Proust’s madeleine, calling to mind half-forgotten memories with real sensual power. Continue reading


The Bungle Family

The Bungle Family is yesterday’s theater of humiliation. Continue reading