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Baby Bjornstrand

Bjornstrand remains much closer to Samuel Beckett than Stephen King, despite French’s astonishing proficiency with painstakingly penciled menace. Yet its morose ending has a bite that doesn’t require the jaws of a monster. Continue reading


The Cruising Diaries

This is a short but potent read that doesn’t outstay its welcome and brings the underground, punk zine aesthetic to a larger audience. Continue reading


Kill My Mother

It’s exciting to see a great master having fun. Continue reading



This sometimes surreal expression of sexual frustration tweaks ennui-wallowing alternative comics cliches until they feel truthful again. Continue reading


Alien Invasion III

True, in a way, to its title, Alien Invasion III has two primary concerns: aliens and invasiveness. Continue reading


Unlovable Vol. 3

The third volume of the comics series from Bust magazine, chronicling the life of a teenage girl in small town Texas in the late 80’s, adapted from an actual discarded diary. Continue reading


Despair vol. 2

J.T. Dockery has been at it most of his thirty-eight years. Continue reading


Danny Boy

Cartoonist Kjersti Faret makes the implicit argument that Danny Boy the comic serves a purpose “Danny Boy” the song does not or cannot. That, of course, is a tough row to hoe. Continue reading