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Never Forgets

Yumi Sakugawa’s Never Forgets is an exploration into a more abstract strain of alienation, the sort of bodily disconnect that forces a woman to efface herself to become a more admired, “true self.” Continue reading


Don’t Tell Mom

O’Connell grants the poetically absurd sexts featured on each of this zine’s drawings of cellphones the power to derange not only the physical objects that convey them, but logic and language themselves. Continue reading


U.D.W.F.G. #1

The Fort Thunder aesthetic is kept alive in the Italian anthology series U.D.W.F.G (Under Dark Weird Fantasy Grounds). Continue reading


Baby Bjornstrand

Bjornstrand remains much closer to Samuel Beckett than Stephen King, despite French’s astonishing proficiency with painstakingly penciled menace. Yet its morose ending has a bite that doesn’t require the jaws of a monster. Continue reading


The Cruising Diaries

This is a short but potent read that doesn’t outstay its welcome and brings the underground, punk zine aesthetic to a larger audience. Continue reading


Kill My Mother

It’s exciting to see a great master having fun. Continue reading



This sometimes surreal expression of sexual frustration tweaks ennui-wallowing alternative comics cliches until they feel truthful again. Continue reading


Alien Invasion III

True, in a way, to its title, Alien Invasion III has two primary concerns: aliens and invasiveness. Continue reading