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Multiple Warheads

This is not a long-gestating passion project that took years to see to its envisioned-from-the-outset conclusion, but a collection of comics drawn over the course of a decade, as the ongoing and evolving concern of an artist operating in a … Continue reading


Pregnant Butch

The pregnancy of Teek Thomsson, a dyed-in-the-wool butch dyke. Based on the author’s own experiences. Continue reading


Metabarons Genesis: Castaka

It’s another Jodorowsky western, with the grown stud, his warrior wife, and their two borderline-feral daughters becoming intergalactic Indian desperadoes, sacking wagon trains along the trail of stars for profit and revenge. Continue reading


Miss Hennipin

A rule-breaking cartooning stylist. Continue reading



There are not many comics which feature bloated, castrated opera singers as the lead character. In fact, it’s quite possible that there’s only one: Foligatto, by writer Alexios Tjoyas and artist Nicolas de Crécy, which was recently published by Humanoids. … Continue reading


Stranger Than Life: Cartoons and Comics 1970-2013

A compilation of the MK Brown’s humorous comic strips and panels spanning over 40 years and many publications, ranging from the New Yorker, National Lampoon, Wimmen’s Comix, and Twisted Sisters. Continue reading


Perfect Nonsense – A Revelatory George Carlson Pageant

This generous volume is a toy chest of lost graphic delights for all readers, particularly those comic art fans who have longed to know more about the creator of those vertiginous Jingle Jangle stories. A grand art book on the singular cartoonist, illustrator, sequential graphic storyteller, puzzle-maker, and game designer George Carlson is a miracle and something to be celebrated. Continue reading


Scene But Not Heard

Sam Henderson’s hilarious strip swirls and sputters uncontrollably, percolating with riotous energy and wordless pandemonium. Continue reading