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The Basil Plant

The Basil Plant relies on your belief that you know what you’re in for. You think you know, but you have no idea. Continue reading



Kelly Sue DeConnick adapts Jean-Claude Forest’s humorous erotic sci-fi comics for English-language readers, improving upon an earlier incarnation. Continue reading


The Hospital Suite

Released during the 25th anniversary of King-Cat Comics, this is a deeply personal, revealing account of the author’s struggles to overcome a host of physical and mental health issues. Continue reading



Does it ever feel like you’re in a movie? That odd sense of constant performance, and constant dislocation, is exactly what this comic trades in. Continue reading



A graphic novel of exquisite and accomplished empathy and restraint, following the investigation of a reclusive farmer’s suicide. Continue reading


Root Hog or Die

The John Porcellino/King-Cat Documentary Continue reading


Island Of Memory

T. Edward Bak’s Wild Man series initially ran in the pages of the anthology Mome. In this first volume of his story about the German naturalist and explorer Georg Steller, he’s altered the format and some of the content considerably than what was published in Mome, and created a far more coherent and powerful experience. Continue reading


Honey #1

A gedankenexperiment about an all-woman society — imagining it, putting it through its genre-story paces, examining female friendship, romantic relationships, and enmity in the fresh air created by the near-total absence of men. Continue reading