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Recidivist Vol. IV

If you have heard of this comic, you have probably heard that it is difficult. Continue reading


The Secret History of Wonder Woman

Jill Lepore’s fascinating new book, The Secret History of Wonder Woman, tells the outlandish story of William Moulton Marston (1893-1947), the huckster and polymath (inventor, lawyer, psychologist, filmmaker, writer) with three Harvard degrees who created the first feminist superhero and, even more impressively, managed to pass her off as just another superhero. Continue reading


Copra: Round One

This is a twenty-dollar collection of a comic explicitly designed for people whose ideal comics reading experience is paying fifty cents apiece for old Norm Breyfogle comics, and who feel as if the stories and scripting mostly just get in the way. Continue reading



Fukitor is a collection of rebellious gestures performed on repeat. Continue reading



The first book collection of Nick Sumida’s hilarious Snackies minicomics, including all-new material. Continue reading



Perhaps inadvertently, Earthling teases out the undercurrent of narcissism that those of us who suffer from depression often suspect, and fear, helps fuel those gray-pencil periods in our lives, but only to reinforce it. Continue reading


Dragon’s Breath

MariNaomi’s Dragon’s Breath collects a series of compact and varied autobiographical comics. Continue reading


Mini Kuš! Comics #18-25

The eight most recently released mini comics released from the Latvian comics publisher, featuring a variety of international creators. Continue reading