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Hagelbarger and That Nightmare Goat

If her book H Day was about externalizing her own sensation of pain, and The Ticking was about the difficulty of self-expression in the face of a brutally judgmental world, then Hagelbarger and That Nightmare Goat is about the ways in which beauty, kindness, cruelty, humor, and horror can all share the same space Continue reading


Black Is the Color

On the title-page spread of Julia Gfrörer’s new book Black Is the Color, long, curving strands of line emerge thickly from the bottom of the left page and ramble up and across the facing page. Some strands disappear off the … Continue reading


The Best of Wonder Wart-Hog

In the lore of comic art and its transformation, not only in the Bay Area epicenter of counterculture “comix” but across North America and, at the very least, Western Europe, no figure stands higher than Gilbert Shelton. Continue reading


Couch Tag

There has always been something subterranean about Jesse Reklaw’s comics, and in Couch Tag, his first proper graphic novel and the story of his childhood told in five different ways, the fitful-sleep feeling of his work has found its perfect medium. Continue reading


Incidents in the Night

Like all of David B.’s work, Incidents is rich, complex, funny, dark—and very difficult to describe. Continue reading


The Adventures of Jodelle

Jodelle is anomalous, weird, sexy, and perversely beautiful. Continue reading


Real Good Stuff #1-2

Dennis Eichhorn made his name in the early ’90s with his two-fisted autobio series, Real Stuff. He seemed to be a sort of mirror image to Harvey Pekar, as both men were writers who employed a number of alt-cartoonists to … Continue reading



A dense, vibrating, genre-destroying and rebuilding cross-hatching of passionate comics-making and calibrated risk-taking. Continue reading