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Fogel’s Underground Price & Grading Guide

In the early 1970s, not having read a comic book in 20 years, my interest was re-drawn to them by the question of what gave value to art. I had considered comic books worth a dime, since this is what … Continue reading


Shirtlifter #5

The fifth issue of Steve MacIsaac’s gay male-oriented anthology features the concluding chapters of his graphic novel Unpacking. Continue reading


Optic Nerve #14

The central story in the latest issue of Optic Nerve (there are two, plus a one-page strip) is entitled “Killing and Dying”. It focuses on a small nuclear family: Mother, father, and teenage daughter. The daughter comes off as considerably … Continue reading


Fragments of Horror

There is a very good chance that even if you don’t read a lot of manga you’ve probably heard of Junji Itō, and I will begin by suggesting that this very renown can serve to obscure the finer points of … Continue reading


Blobby Boys 2

The second volume of Alex Schubert’s celebrated “slime-filled” comic, starring the Blobbys and new star, Fashion Cat. Continue reading


The Late Child and Other Animals

The Late Child and Other Animals is simultaneously Marguerite Van Cook’s biography of her mother and her own autobiography, detailing five crucial turning points in both their lives. Written and expressively colored by Van Cook and illustrated by her husband … Continue reading


Crickets 4

It’s a bit of an odd distinction, but Sammy Harkham may be the cartoonist who puts out the least work relative to the size of his presence on the scene. Part of that is no doubt due to the effort … Continue reading


Pope Hats #4

In Pope Hats #4, Ethan Rilly turns his attention to loneliness and isolation. The short stories in issue four resemble the work of some master cartoonists and occasionally touch on something great. Continue reading