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Bradley of Him

Connor Willumsen’s 2017 book Anti-Gone announced to all in no uncertain terms what those who’d been paying attention had known for a while: his audience sits in the presence of brilliance. What was so thrilling about that book, the immediate predecessor to the … Continue reading


Taxi! Stories from the Back Seat

Taxi! is a short graphic novel about four cab rides taken by Holland-based cartoonist and animator Aimée de Jongh over the last six years: from her then-home in Los Angeles to LAX to pick up a friend (2014); from Jakarta’s … Continue reading



Is it okay for a comic book to be readable and not much more? Sure. As with any other art form, there’s a big fat bell curve that describes quality, with some garbage and some cream at opposite ends, and … Continue reading


No Longer Human

On page 377-380 of Junji Ito’s 2017 adaptation of Osamu Dazai’s No Longer Human (1948) the protagonist Yozo Oba, after another suicide attempt, narrates: The fourth misfortune [of his “ten misfortunes”] was woman. Human women. More than difficult, these incomprehensible, … Continue reading


Old Masters: A Comedy

The murky and most of the time unnecessary business of turning a novel into a graphic novel works best if the relationship between the original and the adaptation is neither distant nor faithful, but both, as is the case in … Continue reading


Ginseng Roots #1-3

Craig Thompson has led a fascinating life, and he depicts it with courage. Raised in the tiny town of Marathon, Wisconsin by Evangelical parents, he recorded his childhood sexual trauma, first love and subsequent break from the Christian faith in … Continue reading



A bluntly honest memoir focusing on the author’s recovery from alcoholism, trauma, and shame. Continue reading


The Drifting Classroom Vol. 1

It was the kid being burned on the cross that did it. Initially I didn’t see it in its intended sequence, but on the preview page of The Drifting Classroom’s second volume, an advertisement for what to expect in the … Continue reading