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How to Be Happy

The first moment — but certainly not the last — that made me stop reading How to Be Happy, turn back the pages, and immediately re-read them came early. “In Our Eden”, the lead-off piece in Eleanor Davis’s masterful new … Continue reading


Macanudo 1

In the new collection, Macanudo Book 1 from Enchanted Lion Books, it’s clear that the comic strip is better than I thought it was. Continue reading


Buddy Buys a Dump

In its time (the nineties) Peter Bagge’s Hate was seen as one of alternative comics’ breakthrough success stories as well as something of a flagship title for publisher Fantagraphics, achieving a circulation of 30,000 copies at peak popularity. Continue reading


Pirates in the Heartland: The Mythology of S. Clay Wilson Vol. 1

This is the first of what-promises-to-be an info-filled, art-so-rich-its-choking, three-volume celebration: The Mythology of S. Clay Wilson. Continue reading



Billy Mavreas’ Tibonom is one of those works of art determined to move beyond its own bounds—casting, through mood, tone, and implication, a specific kind of spell. Continue reading



QCHQ feels like an essential guidebook for life in 2014. If we are going to spend as much time on the internet as we are, this sort of book, viewable on paper, away from the computer but still a product of it, feels not like a warning or a satire but a map of the territory we’re trapped inside. Continue reading


Sorry Kid

I’ll admit it: Sorry Kid caught my eye because it was the first comic I’d seen on display with a trigger warning. Continue reading


Truth Is Fragmentary

A new collection of stories by Gabrielle Bell. Continue reading