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If, as J.G. Ballard wrote in 1973, the car crash is a fertilizing rather than destructive event, the central car crash in Cathy G. Johnson’s Gorgeous yields fertile, if shaky, ground for an up-and-coming artist. The heart of Gorgeous’s story … Continue reading


An Olympic Dream

Biography, memoir, and autobiography are possibly the trendiest genres of book-format comics; one cannot even list the titles that have been published since the recent boom in the early 2000s. Some say that there are too many graphic biographies and … Continue reading


What Is Obscenity? The Story of a Good for Nothing Artist and Her Pussy

Artist Rokudenashiko, arrested in Japan in 2009 on obscenity charges for her vagina (or Manko)-inspired art, relates the the experience in all its absurdity in this manga memoir. Continue reading


Wonder Woman: Earth One

DC Comics’ long awaited Wonder Woman: Earth One graphic novel, written by Grant Morrison with art by Yanick Paquette, opens with a triumphant Hercules standing over a kneeling Queen Hippolyta, bound in chains, as he exults, “Queen of the Amazons! … Continue reading


The Complete Wimmen’s Comix

Tackling a body of works published in a form fundamentally different from its original iteration – like the newly released two-volume hardcover, The Complete Wimmen’s Comix – can feel a bit daunting. The collection, which comes in at 700 pages, … Continue reading


Rules for Dating My Daughter

Mike Dawson delivers an uneven collection of personal essay-style memoir comics, occasionally thoughtful, but often thoughtless in its concern for others. Continue reading


Mini Kuš! Comics #38–41

This latest quartet of minicomics from the celebrated Latvian comics outfit features new stories by artists from Latvia, the US, Finland, & Germany, respectively. Continue reading


Mary Wept over the Feet of Jesus

Shall we judge a book by its cover? The cover of Mary Wept over the Feet of Jesus bears a window or panel of yonic shape: a pointed ellipse that opens like an eye turned sidewise. This kind of shape … Continue reading