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Garden of the Flesh

Can the Bible be made more interesting by the addition of huge amounts of explicit sex? Gilbert Hernandez’s Garden of the Flesh suggests that the answer is no. The first thing you notice is the beautiful package and design. The … Continue reading



The first thing one notices about Nina Bunjevac’s work is its density. Her cross-hatching and stippling pounds the reader, letting them know that these images are not going to let them go easily. Her skill as a draftsman is astounding, … Continue reading


The Nincompoop #1

While most think of Everett Rand & Gioia Palmieri’s zine Mineshaft as a haven for cartoonists from the American underground and early alt-comics eras, Rand has been publishing work from younger and European cartoonists for quite some time. Ed Piskor, Noah … Continue reading


Cometbus 57

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Queen Emeraldas

Starting in the mid-1970s, Leiji Matsumoto created a slew of space operatic manga that would establish the visual vocabulary and storytelling tropes that make his work instantly recognizable. Queen Emeraldas falls between Captain Harlock and Galaxy Express 999 in Matsumoto’s … Continue reading


Ohio Is For Sale

Jon Allen’s genuinely funny “funny animal” minicomic series gets its first book collection. Continue reading


Enough Astronaut Blood to Last the Winter

Enough Astronaut Blood To Last The Winter makes for a strange bit of business. First, it’s an odds-and-sods assortment of illustration, microfiction, and photography chronicling Derek Van Gieson’s salad days in New York City. Second, who in the hell is … Continue reading


The Greatest of Marlys

If you were asking me (and I’m just going to assume that you already did, very quietly, to yourself just now) what the essential quality is for any worthwhile “young adult” author, I would say it’s first and foremost honesty. … Continue reading