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Little Fish: A Memoir From a Different Kind of Year

Ramsey Beyer’s spirited, often warm chronicling of her real-life journey through her freshman year at college is as much driven by the familiar trappings of teenagedom as it is punk rock, against-the-grain sensibility. Continue reading


Eye Of The Majestic Creature, Vol. 2

Stein’s storytelling innovations in this book point to her becoming a truly significant and mature artist as she continues to evolve in daring ways. Continue reading


The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom and The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror

Against The Rocketeer, and for it, too. Continue reading


Out Of Hollow Water

Anna Bongiovanni’s debut book, Out of Hollow Water, is one of the better and more startling debuts I’ve seen in the last decade or so. Her work is an exemplar of a style of cartooning that’s dense, dark, scratch,y and … Continue reading


The Big Feminist BUT!

An anthology of comics by both men and women looking at the state of feminism and gender equality in contemporary society. Contributors include Gabrielle Bell, Vanessa Davis, Barry Deutsch, Justin Hall, Angie Wang, and Lauren Weinstein. Continue reading


Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan: The Complete Russ Manning Newspaper Strips Volume One: 1967-1969

Has time passed Tarzan by? Continue reading


Jupiter’s Legacy

I’ve been made to understand over the past year that it’s considered extremely gauche to bring your own personality or experience to the table when writing comic book criticism, so I’ll try and get that part out of the way … Continue reading


Marble Season

Gilbert Hernandez’s quasi-autobiographical Marble Season is a remarkable work of verisimilitude as well as a gift to his long-time fans. Continue reading